Thesys The art of expression.

Sequencer Tracks
The pitch sequencer works in relation to the root key and transposes it by +/- 12 semitones.
It can work in chromatic mode or in scaled mode which expands the tonal capabilities a lot.
In addition, the pitch sequencer has a flexible recording function.
Lock is part of the pitch sequencer. An active step deactivates the midi transposing. This is useful for keeping important notes and chords in key while transposing the sequence.
The Gate Sequencer creates notes and determines their velocity.
The Mute Sequencer is part of the Gate Sequencer and mutes the selected step.
Gate Time
The Gate Time Sequencer determines how long a note is held. Notes can be held up to four times the duration of a step.
This sequencer moves the pitch the pitch by +/- 2 octaves.
Here you can select from 12 pitch bend figures to be engaged..
A Chord is generated using the current note in the pitch sequencer as the root note. Six Variations and four wrap-arounds for major and minor plus six special chords like diminished and augmented are available.
This sequencer lets you set a multi-trigger at 2, 3, or 4 times the normal sequencer speed, playing the current scale up or downwards or just repeating the current note. 18 breaks are available.
Each sequencer step can be replaced by a random value. Minor and major chords can be individually randomized to maintain the harmonic structure.

Action Section
The Gate Time can be increased or decreased, depending on how long you press the button.
Velo Gate
The note will only play if it is above the selected velocity threshold.
The selected part of the sequence will be looped.
The sequence slows down until it come to a dead stop.
Re-trigger the sequence by re-triggerpressing the button; upon release, the sequencer continues at its normal position..
The sequence will play at half speed.
Octave Up
The sequence will play one octave higher as long as you press the button.
Mutes all data output.

Internal synthesizer to create patterns on the fly
Special workaround for sending MIDI with the AU plugin
Instant keyboard control for Transpose, Pattern Select, Action Section
Pattern Sequencer
Random and Mutate functions for each sequencer
Individual trigger and sync options, swing function

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