Looperator comes with over 300 presets, ready to instantly transform your sounds. The factory library is categorised, making it easy to tell at a glance what sort of sonic role each set of patches is best suited to. However, while the categories describe the main focus of the presets, that doesn't mean a given preset in the 'Filter' category will only contain filter effects. Rather, the titles are intended to give a basic overview of what you can expect to find within each category. Here's a run-down of all the categories and some short videos demonstrating some of their constituent presets. In each example, you'll hear an unprocessed loop followed by the same loop again with Looperator brought to bear on it.


The Ambient presets are all about adding space and subtle, atmospheric modification.
Use the global or per-track Mix controls to adjust the strength of the effect to taste.


The presets in the Complex category each combine multiple effects to collectively deliver a diverse range of soundscapes.
Expect serious sound manipulation!


The Destruction presets use distortion, bitcrushing and sample rate reduction to generate noisy, loud, aggressive effects.
When you want to throw a bucket of dirt over a channel, this is the category with which to do it.


As you'd expect, the Filter presets are primarily focused on, well… filtering;
but with our famous vowel filter technology also getting in on the action, you can expect a wide range of vocal-style effects in this category, too.


The Harmonic presets are designed to add harmonic content to the source signal, and so are particularly effective on drum loops, which don't usually have much going on in that department.
For harmonically rich or melodic sounds, then, this category may not be the best choice, simply because the added harmonics are unlikely to match up with those already present.


This category focuses on repeatedly cycling sections of the incoming audio. From subtle looping of short snippets to crazy cut-ups and glitching effects, these are the presets that make it happen.


A collection of presets geared towards the rearranging of loops by moving their component slices around. Here, you'll also find a range of classic techno breaks, created by repeating specific slices over and over.


The presets in the Reverse category play selected slices of the incoming audio backwards, delivering a variety of groovy effects. For example, try reversing a kick drum and adding a delay to it for an awesome 'reverse delay' hit.


The Scratching category is all about vinyl emulation. Using Looperator's pre-defined scratch motions and tapestop effects, these presets bring instant and authentic-sounding turntablist vibes to your tracks.


A selection of presets designed to thin out the source sound through the application of volume envelopes, as well as fast filter moves and tapestop effects.

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